Sunday, January 31, 2010

Being that Valentine's Day is only 14 days away.... I wanted to share some lovin'!

Blogs that I absolutely cannot live without:

Kara's Party Ideas is my daily dose of inspiration!

Stem Parties shares my love of the word 'fabulous'!

A to Zebra Celebrations is crafty like me!

Setting the Mood goes all out!

Design Dazzle has the most amazing ideas for kid's rooms!

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Happy Heart Day everyone!!!

Test Kitch - Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

My husband has been asking for months for me to make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes again! I made 'truffula trees' out of them for a Seussical Party in October. So I decided to test them out for an upcoming baby shower using the cream filling recipe and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (the baby momma's favorite!).

While preparing for my previously posted Dr Seuss Party I tested this technique a number of times. First I placed the ice cream cones upright in cupcake pans, filled with batter and baked. The result was either the batter spilling out of the cone or the batter not rising high enough to get the 'ice cream effect'. Secondly I baked cupcakes, placed them upside down on top of the cone and tried to adhere the cupcake to the cone using icing. The result was a top heavy cone that still didn't look like ice cream. Third times the charm right? I put my batter in my cupcake pan, inverted my cone right over top of the batter and then baked. This allowed the cake to rise up into the cone.

For this test I baked a batch of ice cream cone cupcakes and regular cupcakes and filled all of them with cream filling. I iced both with chocolate mousse icing - YUMMY!

Bumble Bee Baby Shower - Fab Finds

I'm on the look out for Bumble Bee decor for an upcoming baby shower. While out treasure hunting the other day I found:

a cake stand,
a bumble bee tea pot,
a yard of yellow gingham fabric,
a yellow table cloth,
a bumble bee bubble wand and
a yellow serving plate

all for a under.... $8!!!!!!

Some great spots for 'treasure hunting' include: fabric store discount bins, dollar stores, thrift stores, Michael's dollar bins and used book stores.

Have fun hunting!

Red and Black Wedding

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Red and Black, Asian Inspired Wedding, was one of the first events that I coordinated (outside of my real job) LOL.

The cake was three tiers with black satin ribbon around each. I used Pez dispensers (you'd have to know the couple) for cake toppers - Belle and Sully.

Party favours included hand-stamped sour cream containers with the brides favorite candy inside and metallic paper cranes (60 hand folded by moi)!

Asian Themed Party - NEW BLOG!

I had a fabulous time planning this party for my niece who turned two! Please check out my new event planning blog, It's My Party , for more details!

I just can't get enough of this party planning! I called my girlfriend who is pregnant, due in June, to see if she was interested in a Bumble Bee party.... and she laughed at me! LOL I like to plan ahead! hee hee:P

Have a great day!

Asian Birthday Party

Monday, January 25, 2010

I had a lot of fun planning for my niece's 2nd Birthday Party!
We used one of her favorite characters, Kai Lan, as inspiration.

Party table and birthday banner!
I used coordinating patterned paper for my banner, cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers.

Main Table
Table goodies included: krispie sushi, thai noodles, bubble tea,
cream filled cupcakes and sushi.

Dessert Table
I dipped fortune cookies in white chocolate, then in sprinkles. I also made cake balls using timbits (doughnut holes) dipped in white chocolate then dusted with sprinkles. Lastly I created paper fortune cookies (pictured centre) with individual fortunes for everyone.

The Birthday Girl

Thanks to Autumn at Design Dump for her inspiration. A fabulous time was had by all! Thanks for stopping by!

Asian Birthday Party - Sneek Peek

Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Christmas Party

We had a fabulous time at our (soon to be annual) Christmas Party this year!

Our Christmas 'Table'

I made the snowmen chair covers with an old sheet,
scrap felt, orange cardstock and lots of hot glue!

Party Favours

Sour Cream containers filled with Lindor Chocolates...

I glued wrapping paper to my cardstock to make these little treat boxes
then topped them off with a bow.

Living Room Decor

The last two years of Santa photos - So Cute!

The Tree

Ooooooo.... Sparkly!

More Party Favours

I just couldn't help myself! ( A fabulous CTMH stamp set!)

Floating Candles
I love floating candles and cranberries - so simple, so classic!


If you haven't already noticed - there's a bit of a snowman theme.... they start to come out of the woodwork on November 1st!

Santa Hats

What?!?!?! I didn't want my african masks to feel left out!

A few of the games that party goers played were:

Ho Ho Hold Your Tongue - guests were given four bows and if they said a word or phrase from a specific list they would lose a bow to the player that called them out. Player with the most bows at the end of the night won!

The Right Family Christmas - a story was read while guests passed around a wrapped gift. Each time the word 'right' was said, they passed the gift right and each time the word 'left' was said they passed it left. The last player holding the gift got to keep it.

Unwrap and Roll - One guest starts the game by rolling a dice block. If they roll a one they quickly had to put on gloves and start unwrapping a gift one layer at a time. While the player that rolled a one is unwrapping the other players are taking turns trying to roll a one. When someone else rolled a one the unwrapper had to immediatley stop unwrapping and pass the gloves to the one roller. Play continues until the gift (ours had 30 layers) is unwrapped and the final unwrapper keeps it! This was a blast!!!

Happy Ho Ho everyone!!!

Dr Seuss Birthday Party

Our twin boys turn two on October 26th and we just celebrated their 2nd Birthday "Seussical" style this past weekend...

dr seuss birthday party
Cameron as Thing One
(he's the only one that would actually keep his hair on)

Some things enjoying cake

Thing 2 with a 'Truffula Tree' stuffed in his mouth!

Thing 1 with an icing 'stash

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

Green eggs and ham of course!

One fish, two fish dish
I poured red jello into cups to set, then had blue jello in pans to set, then cut the blue jello into cubes, then layered everything on top of the red jello

I pierced hotdog cubes with uncooked spaghetti noodles then boiled them all together.

Truffula Trees
I put my batter into cupcake pans, inverted cones over top of the batter then baked as usual.

Stars on Sticks
I baked these little wooden dowels right into the sugar cookies

The green eggs certainly didn't last long!

Good Morning to a birthday boy from Horton and Morton!
All murals were hand drawn and painted by Moi :P

Cindy Lou Who

Party Favours
Home made play dough - Lids read "a little SOMETHING to say thanks for coming"


Thing 1

Thing 2

Living Room Decorations
We painted 20 Truffula Trees taller than me!

Table Decor
Before any goodies were brought out

More Party Favours
I made thank you boxes with little cards inside that the kids could colour

The Party Favour Table

The Grinch
We played 'pin the heart on the grinch' (we all know that his heart is two sizes too small!) He looks really impressed doesn't he?

Living Room Decor
View into the living room

Front Entrance Decor

Bathroom Decorations

Many thanks to all of the fabulous blogs that lent their inspiration to this event; Stem Parties, Kara's Party Ideas and Newly Nesting.

A humongous thanks also to Kim, Amy, Aunt Debbie, Katherine, My Mom and fabulous husband who helped to make this a wonderfully suessical day!

Thanks for stopping by!

Dr Seuss Party Favours

While surfing the net I discovered these cute little cards (sorry I can't remember where) that you simply leave blank for children to colour in!!! Here's my take:

Rather than fill the boxes with candy, I am going to include these two little cards and some crayons! I love it!

Yay! An alternative to giving the kids even more sugary treats during the party! :D

Thanks for stopping by!