Mad Hatter Tea Party - Fab Finds

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am so EXCITED for this party!!! It's going to be a very merry Un Birthday Party (we have lots of adult B-Days in the spring but none for the kiddos) and celebration of spring! I'm getting started on fun teapot invites as we speak (or as you read).

My mom is a collector of things... if it's shiny, antique or well priced she has it! Is this not the perfect kind of parent to have when planning a Mad Hatter Tea Party?!?!? She brought over boxes and bins full of all kinds of tableware and platters and teacups and saucers and and.... I was practically jumping up and down! Check out my reflection in this antique teapot - very Alice in Wonderlandish!

Love this candelabra and can't wait to fill all of these dishes with finger sandwiches and cupcakes and tarts and scones and lemonade and marmalade and tea and and.... sorry... did I mention that I'm EXCITED?!?!?!

Spring Tablescape

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am so excited about some of my upcoming parties!!!! I'm hosting a Mad Hatter Tea Party this spring for all of our friends and relatives.... I can hardly wait! Could it be tomorrow? Please!?!?? I am also throwing a Bumble Bee Baby Shower for a good friend in July! Putting together this Spring Table allowed me to visualize these two parties and determine what supplies and decor I still need.
Hanging Lanterns and Tissue Paper Pom Poms
A view from the top
Aw. Isn't he the cutest little bumble bee?
I filled the larger glass jar with green glass rocks that I had picked up for my Asian Birthday Party, topped it off with a candle and wrapped it in ribbon.
Mmmm... Mini Eggs! Lets just say, they didn't last long!
Paper fortune cookies. More examples can be found here and here.
Another angle.
The goods.
I had to come up with SOMETHING to fill this tray with AND coordinate with my colour scheme! Celery, snap peas, yellow pepper and dip. Brilliant!
A close up of the healthy stuff.
Side profile.
Mmmmm.... cupcakes.
I can be pretty thrifty when it comes to tableware. Most of my glasses, jars, plates and serving trays were gifts, borrowed or found whilst treasure hunting!
Don't these look divine? Kudos to all those cupcake decorators out there! It's HARD!
I found these reusable silicone cupcake liners on sale at Superstore. SCORE! I should have bought more...
Practicing with my new 1M decorating tip.
Pretty ribbon from my stash.
Thanks for taking a look! My real inspiration for creating this tablescape is Michelle's Easter Tablescapes and Spring Parties CONTEST over at Maddycakes Muse. There are some really fun and creative parties being submitted... go check it out!

Monster Party - Fab Finds

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Before the dust had cleared from my boys' 2nd Birthday, I knew exactly who would be invading our house for thier 3rd Birthday! MONSTERS! Here are just a few of my fab finds so far:

Orange Lantern, Frame and Mesh Bags - Michaels dollar bins

Green Place Mats - Thrift store

Orange Chicken (I plan on putting fangs on his beak hee hee) - Drug store

Green Straws - Dollar store

Round Green Cardstock - Retail store signage

Tutorial - Valentine Rice Krispies

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I now know why bakers use Rice Krispie treats so much in those Ultimate Cake Off shows... they're so EASY to work with! Check out my Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Heart Party Favours:

Create rice krispie treats as directed on the box and press into a greased, heart shaped mould. (This pan was a fab find at $0.25)

Let the rice krispies set for about an hour (I put mine in the fridge) then pop them out of the mould.

I used heart shapes but you could use: eggs for Easter, stars for Canada Day, hats for a Dr Seuss party, frames for a Vintage party, flowers for a shower... the list is endless!

Decorate as desired - I piped on white chocolate (coloured light and dark pink). Icing with sprinkles would be great too! As I mentioned in an earlier post - red or pink sprinkles weren't an option for me so... chocolate it was!!!!

Poke a lollipop stick through the bottom.

Wrap in pretty cellophane to coordinate with your occasion - you could use clear cellophane or plastic wrap to show off some amazing decorating!

Finally - a Rice Krispie Valentine's Day bouquet!

Valentine's Workshop

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not only do I love to plan parties but I also love to share my passion for scrapbooking and cardmaking! Each month I put on a Workshop where the girls can learn fun techniques and complete fabulous projects. This month I went all out with my 3D Workshop just in time for Valentine's Day!

The Party Table
Pink is a hard colour to come by in my house! The pink table runner is a piece of scrap fabric from back in my quilting days (that makes me sound REALLY old - honestly it's more that I started crafting in diapers) LOL. Thank goodness I could throw a little red in there! I used the red circles from my Dr Seuss party - a fab find from IKEA!

Birds Eye View
I was standing on the counter... can you tell?!?

Paper Lanterns
I used lanterns from my Asian Birthday Party, Dr Seuss Party and created the tissue paper balls, a la Martha Stewart, using 1 1/2" styrofoam balls, 4" squares of red tissue paper and lots of hot glue!

A Two Year Olds Eye View
I like to check things out from my little guys' perspective (mostly to see if they can grab anything) LOL

Living surrounded by boys, when I'm not taking photos, I have to put "Do Not Eat Me" labels on anything that looks remotely yummy or edible!

I love these Party Lite candle holders I got yeeeeeaaars ago for Valentine's Day! I can put anything I like inside of the clear glass container - for this occasion? Red satin ribbon!

Party Favours
And 3D Workshop project #1 - triangle boxes! Of every size! The tutorial can be found here. The fabric heart was a quick door prize that I made using scraps of fabric and stuffing (I was thinking of using this as one of our workshop projects but at least half of the girls don't own sewing machines! LOL)

Pin Wheels
3D Workshop project #2. A printable template can be found here. I filled a clear glass vase with sour cherry candy to hold the pinwheels in place - try keeping a teenage boy away from those!!!! LOL

More Door Prize Goodness
I found this pink frame in a dollar bin at Michaels and put a piece of coordinating cardstock inside.

Fortune Cookies
Sure to show up at every party! 3D Workshop project #3.

More Decor
I pulled this white frame, that already had a swatch of coordinating wrapping paper inside, off of my bathroom wall! Can you spot 3D Workshop project #4?

Valentine's Day Card
That's right! Here's project #4, you can get more details on my CTMH blog.

More Party Favours
Mmmmmm! Rice Krispie Hearts!

On how to make these yummy treats coming soon!

More Goodies
My house was beginning to look like Wonderland... what with all of the "Do Not Eat Me" signs! LOL Check out my Test Kitch for these delicious cookies!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Heart Day everyone!

Asian Birthday Party

Friday, February 5, 2010

My friend Kim planned this fabulous Asian Themed 25th Birthday Party for her sister-in-law! We call Kim the idea girl because whenever we come up with a party theme, Kim has a million fantastic ideas! Check out how her ideas came to life:

The Party Table

Kim chose to use a red, black and gold colour scheme. This would be perfect for a Chinese New Year gathering as well!

Fortune Cookies
Dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles. These are sure to be a standby for all of our parties! And they're yummy too!

Table Decor
Sometimes you luck out when it comes to decorating for a party - this gold table runner was compliments of the host!

Party Favours
Kim found these amazing fabric bags filled with gold chocolates. We dumped the chocolates... well we saved them for guests to eat later of course... and filled them with favours!

Cake Balls
Chocolate coated doghnut holes - another party staple!

Table Decor
Kim made this cool tree/branch thing by spray painting a tree branch black and gluing on small squares of tissue paper for flowers.

Fab Finds
We found some really great party gear while 'treasure hunting' one day... including the cake stand seen in the background!

More Decor
Kim created the box using a cricut die cut, ribbon, stamps and letter beads.

Party Favour Table
If there is one thing that you're sure to find at a party that I am involved in, it's Sour Cream Containers! You can find the tutorial here.

Sour Cream Containers
They demanded a close up!

Thanks for checking out Kim's fabulous party! Please leave a comment so that I may pass on the feedback to her. Kim - it was a blast - I love sharing our passion for parties!