Scrappy Unicorn Costume

Sunday, October 9, 2011

 I am really excited to share this uber cute costume with you today.  Our new little miss {more on her here} has chosen to be the Blue Bird from our ANGRY BIRDS Family Costumes but needed another costume for those times where she would be without us {school, trick-or-treating with mom etc.}  So we whipped up this...

Scrappy Unicorn Costume
And when I say whipped up, I mean that it literally took under an hour to create.  My original inspiration was this costume from Disney's Family Fun site.

Cute right!?

I used a $12 hoodie from Walmart, some scrap purple, blue and white felt, safety pins, ribbon, a headband and hot glue to create this look.  And what's really great is that the hoodie will be totally reusable when Halloween is all over.
I started by creating a horn headband.  I glued two styrofoam balls together, wrapped them in cotton batting and wrapped the whole thing in blue felt.  Then I embellished with ribbon and added some ears {the little miss loved helping with this part}.

To create the mane I cut the scrap felt into 1" x 6" strips.  I used groups of three felt pieces for each section of the mane.
To get the mane to stand up and have the felt not flop over, I folded the felt piece in half at the centre.
Then I folded the piece in half lengthwise, creating a "v".
I pinned each section about an inch apart.  Starting two - three inches back from the front of the hood to as far as I could get with my scrap felt.  To create each section of the mane I poked the pin through the hoodie from the inside.
Then I poked the pin through a folded felt piece on the outside.
For each section I used three pieces of folded felt and then poked the pin back into the hoodie and fastened the pin.
Here is what each section looks like standing up.
This is what the inside of the hoodie looks like.  I also covered the pins on the inside with a strip of duct tape as an added precaution.
The complete mane.
For the hooves, I had two blue circles with a triangular shape cut out.
I pinned them to the inside of the cuffs on the hoodie.
Then I used the rest of the scrap felt to create a tail that I pinned to the back of the hoodie {each pin was also covered with duct tape on the inside}.

Our finished Scrappy Unicorn.
After Halloween we can take all of the pins out of the hoodie and use it again!

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  1. Such a cool idea!!!!! Love it, and I bet my daughter would too! Have to Pin it :) Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What a great costume! The best costumes are the ones that are easy to make but have a lot of impact. love it.

  3. That's totally cute! I never would have thought of the styrofoam balls for the horn, but they worked perfectly! And I love that you can un pin it all and reuse the sweatshirt all winter long! Fantastic. :) I'd be thrilled if you'd link it here:

  4. I feature this on my FB page today!!/pages/One-Artsy-Mama/197166243647708

    Feel free to stop by the blog and grab a button from the sidebar if you like. :)

  5. what a cute costume! love that you can wear it and then use the sweatshirt afterwards-great idea! my 5 yr old would love this-saving it for next year-thanks!

  6. I LOVE this. I especially like that you can reuse the hoodie, those things can be expensive and if you only use it a few times it's such a waste!

    I hope I can try this out sometime!


  7. Oh MY that's the cutest little idea! I love the horn and that it uses scraps. Looks so do-able, and so adorable!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original linky party is open.

  8. SOOO cute and I like how you can remove all the pins and actually use the hoodie after Halloween. Great thinking!!!

  9. Love it! Especially that you can take it apart and keep the hoodie. Although if it were MY little girl, she'd probably want to wear the unicorn outfit ALL the time. :)

    Found you on Sugarbee's link up.

  10. LOVE your blog! New fan and Follower! :) Came from Tip Junkie! :)

  11. such a detailed tutorial and the costume turned out awesome.
    I featured it here:

  12. Very cute costume. You could even leave the mane after halloween. Animal hoodies are all over the stores right now.

  13. This is so cute and such a great idea! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  14. I like it- it looks like it didn't take too long either. Such a fun costume!!

  15. I'm going to try and make this for my daughter for halloween and i'm super UN-crafty. Can you give me more details about how you created the ears? How did you attach them to the headband?

  16. I cut two leaf shapes for the ears with smaller leaf shapes for the inner ear. I used a hot glue gun to attach everything to the headband. You CAN do it!!! :D Have fun.

  17. Thanks for this! I am making my daughter a purple unicorn costume for Halloween (also based on the Family Fun idea) and was having a hard time figuring out the horn. I like your felt mane. I am safety pinning a lavender feather boa to the purple hoodie I found at Ross.

  18. AWESOME! My friend and I are already unicorns though. So we don't need these.

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  20. This is absolutely adorable! And so original! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thanks so much for your tutorial! I was going to be a unicorn this year until my little guy decided he wanted to be a horsey & he wanted his momma to be a horsey with him. It was soooo sweet :) Of course I want to be a horsey with my Ben! Your tutorial was my inspiration & I love your great ideas! My little guy is 7 and he soooo enjoyed being a horsey & having me be a horsey with him. Thanks!