Quick Cat T-shirt

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!
The little miss needed an orange and black outfit for school today. 
Here's what we whipped up....

I used freezer paper to stencil on my images.  We cut the letters using my cricut and I found a cat image online, printed it, traced it onto freezer paper then cut it out with an exacto knife.
Finally we painted it all black {I say we but really the little miss dabbed a bit of paint then went back to watching Hocus Pocus ~ how can I compete with Hocus Pocus?!!?}
 Just in time for Halloween.

Thanks for reading.
Have a frightfully fabulous day!!

xo Heather

Angry Bird Sightings {VI} Featuring YOUR Angry Birds...

Seriously you guys amaze me!  Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback ~ I hope that you are having a blast with your Angry Birds!

Happy Halloween!!
Here are a few of your cuties...



 Monica at I of the Needle
Monica at I of the Needle

Download IMG_3995.jpg (747.1 KB)
Download IMG_0830....jpeg (33.6 KB)
Thank you all so much for sharing your creations!!  Check out the full ANGRY BIRDS Family Costume Tutorial.  Have a spooktacular day!
xo Heather

Angry Bird Sightings {V}

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Still more Angry Bird sightings...

We went to a local park yesterday to check out a wide array of Jack-O-Lanterns.
*** I modified Isaiah's costume on the drive there to allow more of his face to show through ~ poor guy was always trying to put something in his mouth but couldn't reach it before***
What was really cool about this event is that we ran into another Angry Birds family!!  After comparing our home made costumes we discovered that they had used MY TUTORIAL!!  Never knowing that we lived in the same city!!!  I love it ~ Inspiring Creativity right in our home town!

Come by tomorrow for more Angry Birds submitted by my readers!

xo Heather

Halloween Party Appetizers

Hey guys!
I hope that you are enjoying the parade of Angry Birds on the blog.  Truly the response to my ANGRY BIRDS Family Costume Tutorial has been amazing.  Stop by later for more bird action!

Until then I wanted to share a few of the goodies that the little miss will be taking to her classroom party tomorrow.... 

Pumpkin Pie Bites
I used my grandmas Tart Shell recipe ~ it's fabulous!
The recipe for the filling came from Bakerella
I combined everything in my trusty mixer and beat until smooth.
Then I pressed the dough into mini tart pans.
And had the little miss help to put the filling in each tart.
Bake until golden and delicious.
We also made some Mummy Dogs.
I love how simple this is ~ you've probably seen them all over the place!
My friend Amy at Momma Bee's Partyz gave me the idea after she served them at a preschool halloween play date.
You just cut the pepperoni into thirds.
Then wrap them in strips of crescent dough.

Super fun and easy!!!
I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for reading!
xo Heather

Angry Bird Sightings {IV}

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Angry Bird sightings...

Darcy and I before our adults only Halloween Party last night!!  Woo hooo!

Wanna fight?!?!
Our party was a blast.  We watched Darcy's co-workers {all dressed as Zombies} stomp it out to Thriller and a 6'3" tall male Cher sing Turn Back Time.  Oh my gosh ~ so funny!

Click here for the Angry Birds Tutorial.
Look for more reader sightings on Monday.
Thanks for swinging by!
xo Heather

Angry Bird Sightings {III}

Introducing my husband, Darcy, as King Pig...

and you can find us on the news!!!  Our local station, CHBC News, featured my Angry Birds costumes last night!  You can find a short {almost minuscule} segment at the end of the 5:00pm broadcast.

Fun right!?!?
Stay tuned for more sightings...

xo Heather

Angry Bird Sightings {II} Featuring YOUR Angry Birds...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh my gosh.  
I am amazed by the response that I have had to my ANGRY BIRDS Family Costume Tutorial!  You guys have all really hit it out of the park!!!

If you spotted us on CHBC news ~ WELCOME!
Please stay and browse around awhile.
Here are a few of my reader submitted creations: 





And some of the lovely comments that have made my day:

{Thank you so much! All of the shops were out of kids Angry Birds costumes and my son had his heart set on it... I haven't sewed since junior high- and I have never used a sewing machine. However, with your tutorial I attempted both and did just fine:) It doesn't look as great as yours, but it's definitely 'Bomb Bird' and my son loves it- which is great. I really appreciated your step by step instructions with pictures. Have a great Halloween.}

{Thanks so much for posting that costume pattern for angry birds!! My son decided 3 days before his class halloween party to be an angry bird and I couldn't find a pre-made one anywhere! I have officially completed my first costume ever, thanks to you! We did the red bird and it only took a few hours to finish. Thanks a ton!!!!!}
heather {illinois}

You are so very welcome!  Thank you for sharing your creations and enthusiasm with me.  THIS is why I love blogging!  Stay tuned for more Angry Bird sightings....

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ~ Printables

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here are the Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Party Printables
that I promised!
I wanted to have everything coordinate for the boys birthday party.  I created party logos, food labels, baggage tags, cupcake toppers, party signs and sandwich labels.  And I did it all using My Memories digital scrapbooking software!
Here are the car, plane and train cupcake toppers.  I simply punched the images out using my scalloped circle punch.
I also created Food Labels and a party Logo that I used to tie everything together.
Baggage Tags helped to identify party favours.  I am a total amature when it come to graphic design so if you are looking for professional party printables be sure to check out Laura's Cupcakes and Lemonade shop.

Or purchase the My Memories software and create your very own custom party swag!  Use coupon code  {STMMMS49705} for $10 off!!

Thanks for visiting!

xo Heather

Angry Bird Sightings {I}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angry Bird boys at preschool today....

Check out the full Family Tutorial here.

xo Heather

Inspiring Creativity

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I love this Luke Skywalker costume and can't wait until the boys are into Star Wars!

This Flynn Ryder costume would be perfect for a Bro/Sis combo!
From a fellow Canadian at Welcome to Crazy Town.

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My kids will probably have crazy requests like this in a few years! 
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