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Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 2012 589 I've had a hankering for these Feather Hair extensions for a long time now.  
They seemed to be all the rage about a year ago.  So I went to a salon and looked over their limited selection.  After picking out some 'natural feathers' and paying forty dollars I was really disappointed.  I could hardly see the feathers and the micro bead really stood out in my fine hair.  Since then I have been on the hunt for feather extensions that I could DIY.
I was so happy to find Luxe Plumes on Etsy.  The hair extensions are gorgeous and cost under ten dollars for a whole bunch!!!  I've ordered two sets of five feather extensions and had enough feathers for me, my sis, my niece and the little miss {twice}.  I love Jenn's service too!  Very fast and friendly!
Here's how to apply them:
April 2012 561 Materials
Feathers {mine are from Luxe Plums but while looking around I found some feathers at our local fish and tackle shop too!}
Micro beads {again from Jenn at Luxe Plumes but I also found some metal crimping beads at Michaels that are not as big}
Needle nose pliers
April 2012 582
 Feed a small section of hair through a coordinating micro bead. April 2012 585Place the tips of the feathers in the micro bead.  Be sure to have it close to the scalp. April 2012 586Clamp the micro bead flat with the pliers. April 2012 588  Ta da!April 2012 600My niece got some too!!April 2012 601You can style them anyway you want too.  Laying flat to blend with your hair or flipped out for a sassy look.  They can even been curled or flat ironed!  
I have had my feather hair extensions in for a couple of months and love them.  Such a fun way to accessorize your hair!  I paired them with my upcycled shell earrings
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