DIY Be The Good Sign

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I have been stalking Pinterest daily lately {so addicted} but the good news is that I am actually
creating / baking / cooking a lot of the things
that I have been pinning.
I love, love, loved, this sign from Blooming Homestead so created my own version for the boys' room...
"Believe there is good in the world".
Perfect for the Superhero theme that I am going for!
Darcy's been working on building stairs for our deck
so I "borrowed" some of the scrap 1x4s for this sign. 

I cut them to length, sanded them down and used a product called no more nails to glue two 1x4s to the back.  Then I grabbed the acrylic paint and {feeling too lazy to haul out my Cricut and create a stencil} free handed the lettering.  Finally I used a clear coat of varathane to finish it off.

I really like the idea of free handing the letters.  Just like in scrapbooking, it gives a personal touch to the project and a reminder of what your handwriting looked like in years to come.

Right now it is resting on the boys new Superhero Desk {can't wait to share the reveal}.  Eventually I plan on hanging it on the wall.  This was actually a pretty rewarding project that only took about an hour to create {minus drying time}. 

Have you done any wood or pallet art?
I'd love to see it!
xo Heather
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  1. That's really clever.

    I like how it says two inspirational phrases at the same time.

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