Spiderman and Ironman Cakes ~ a tutorial

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

 Hey peeps!
We just celebrated Cameron and Isaiah's birthday with a Superhero Party on the weekend {just in case you have not read the dozen or so other birthday posts lol}. 
I created these Spiderman and Ironman cakes for them.
They turned out WAY better than I expected as this was only my second official foray into fondant cake decorating.  I used my limited fondant skillz and the cakes pinned here as my inspiration.

If I can do it, so can YOU!  Here are the visual step-by-step instructions:

Bake the cake{s}.  I used boxed mix that the boys picked out.  And not wanting to get all fancy with having to cut and layer a round cake, i used this oval corningware baking dish.  I had to add 10-15 minutes to the baking time but other than that it was perfect!

Allow the cake{s} to cool completely and place in the freezer for a minimum of two hours.  This allows the cake to become firm and is easier to cut.

Cut the cake{s} in half and layer with your favorite filling.

Shape the cake{s} with a sharp serrated knife.  Here is Ironman.

Here is Spiderman.
At this point I made a base for each cake using cardboard and tinfoil.  I placed the cakes on these boards for more stability and ease of movement.

Now dirty ice the cakes.  I used a combination of store bought frosting {because I like the taste} and icing sugar to thicken it up.  It really is 'dirty' icing because cake crumbs tend to get everywhere.

Next knead and roll out the fondant.  I used packaged fondant from Michaels that was already tinted red.  You could totally make your own and colour it.  One package of fondant was enough to cover both cakes {cakes are about 8"x6"x3"}.

Smooth over the edges and cut off the excess fondant.  I use my hands for this but you can get a fancy smoothing tool.  This is Spiderman all covered.

Here is Ironman all covered.  I saw a tip somewhere to put the cake on top of a rotating spice rack, so I did that and it totally helped while decorating the cakes.

Next cut the cake features out of fondant.  I used packaged yellow and white fondant then coloured the red fondant that I had left over with black gel food colouring.  The great thing about fondant is that it sticks together with just a little water applied to the back of each piece.

Layer the cut out features on the cake{s}.  I used red and yellow pearl dust {painted on with a brush and a little bit of vodka} to give Ironman a shiny, metal-like finish.  I used a matte candy writer {from Michaels} to draw the web on Spiderman {much harder to do than it looks}.

A finished Ironman cake.


I used the end of a straw and a toothpick to create the screws.


A finished Spiderman cake.


Seriously, YOU can do this!!!!
Have fun.
xo Heather
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  1. Awesome!!! They look so good. Yes, fondant scares me.. lol! Luckily for me, my sister decorates cakes.

  2. Those turned out so great ... you did an awesome job!

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    1. Hi just saw you were featured on the House of Hepworths blog... Congrats! Great cakes!!! My boy would love something like that for his bday! I might have to "steal" your idea, lol! Am your newest follower! Would love for you to visit me sometime!


  4. wwwwwow merci

  5. wwwwwow merci

  6. Is the fondant hard to set in place?