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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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 this gorgeous bathroom makeover from Polkadots on Parade
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Crochet Dragon Hat

Well after making Cameron a Lightening McQueen hat {as seen yesterday}, Isaiah decided that he would like a Fire Breathing Dragon hat.  Lucky for me I found this wonderful pattern and didn't have to wing it this time!

By now I've got beanie making down and used this pattern for the eyes and teeth.  Then I followed this video for the spikes.  My favorite so far!
Now on to Hello Kitty for the little miss...

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xo Heather

Crochet Lightening McQueen Hat Pattern

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hey, hey!
Happy Monday!!

So if you've been following along on Facebook then you know that I have recently learned to crochet.  It's been really fun and kind of addicting!  

What's super cute is that my kids think that I can do anything and give me off-the-wall requests.  The first thing that Cam asked for when he noticed me making hats, was a red one, like Lightening McQueen.  He even tried to sneak red yarn into our buggy on a few shopping trips!  The poor boy really.  I'm one of those moms ~ that doesn't buy her kids licensed stuff ~ you know Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder shoes/shirts/shorts.  I just don't like the look.  Is that weird?

Anyway Cameron was quite insistent that I make him a Lightening McQueen hat that has four tires.  And I started to feel bad about the whole no licensed thing and decided to give it a shot.  This PIN was my inspiration.
I followed this video to create my beanie and this video to make the brim.
Then I winged the rest.  
Here's my pattern:

sc ~ single crochet
dc ~ double crochet
ch ~ chain
st ~ stitch
sl ~ slip stitch

White yarn
1:  ch 26
2-12:  sc 25, ch 1, turn
13:  sc 12, ch 1, turn
14:  sc 11, ch 1, turn
15:  sc 10, ch 1, turn
16:  sc 9, ch 1, turn
sc around the entire white section
cut yarn and pull through last stitch

1:  ch 8, sl into the first st of the chain creating a circle
2:  ch 1, sc 10 into the circle
cut yarn and pull through last stitch
attach blue yarn to last stitch
1: ch 1, sc twice into each st {20 stitches}
2:  cut yarn and pull through last stitch
repeat for second eye
sew eyes onto the front of the beanie

1:  ch 8, sl into the first st of the chain creating a circle
2:  ch 2, dc 10 into the circle
cut yarn and pull through last stitch
attach black yarn to last stitch
1: ch 2, dc twice into each st {20 stitches}
2: cut yarn and pull through last stitch
repeat four times
sew tires onto the sides of the beanie

Lightening Bolt:
1:  ch 30
2:  sc 30, ch 3, turn
3:  sc 30, cut yarn and pull through last stitch
sew onto hat in a lightening bolt shape

Okay so if that totally doesn't make sense ~ sorry!  Been crocheting for just over a month. LOL  But hey, if I can do it?  So can you!

Thanks for visiting.
Stop by tomorrow to check out Isaiah's Dragon Hat!

xo Heather

Keeping It Real ~ An Age Old Question

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I need your help!
It's time to change it up so...

Blonde or brunette?
Long or short?

What do think?
Or maybe I'll dye it pink and spike it.  
My kids would think that it's cool!

xo Heather

One For The Boys ~ Blanket Forts!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It is our final day of One For the Boys ~ Boredom Busters.  
Today Sky from Capital B is here to share some blanket fort making tips.  Sky is the super sweet momma to four busy boys!  And she always seems to have some kind of cool boy related project on the go.  Take it away Sky!

Dragonfly Designs

Hello, Hello Twin Dragonfly Designs readers! I am Sky from a small, fun blog called Capital B. I have two little boys of my own and two older stepsons, so it's a boy's life! I blog about the crafty things I enjoy and about the simple goodness of our family life.

 I consider Heather one of my bloggy besties -  we comment often on each other's stuff and I love her ideas and style! Awhile back I posted about how we can't seem to go a day without building some sort of blanket fort around our house and she asked if I'd share  a bit more "adventures in blanket fort building" for her Winter Boredom Busters! I know these pics will speak for themselves- it's not rocket science- but I'll add some notes for good measure :)

Start with a frame made out of whatever you have- chairs, couches, stools, etc.
My boys are rather impatient, so these pics are by all means NOT perfect!

Here I have four chairs set up:
Then stretch a fitted sheet over your frame.
Why I hadn't thought of it before, I don't know,
but I do know that it works TONS better than a normal blanket or sheet for the foundation!
Then grab the long stick of your broom
(or something else slim and tall) to prop up to droopy middle.
I like using a pillow underneath to create some give for when the boys bump into it in there
and create a bit more height and room.
If you're using your couch as part of your frame,
it works great in-between the cushions too!
Now drape blankets around the outside to cover up the holes and create "walls":

I like leaving a couple little "windows" to let in some light:
Here's our finished product!
Each time it looks a bit different :)
Looks smallish to me in this pic, but there really is quite a lot of room-
I can usually play with both boys inside no problem!
Maybe it's really just a jail cell ;)
This one wasn't all that dark with the windows, but my little guys really like
playing with flashlights or glowsticks or whatever toys that light up once they are inside:

Simple, good times!
Thanks again for having me, Heather!

Thank YOU Sky!  Be sure to visit Sky at Capital B and share the love.  Thanks for joining us for One For The Boys this week!  I'm already looking forward to our next installment coming this Spring / Summer called "Take It Outside".  Stay tuned!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

xo Heather

One For The Boys ~ Simple Car Mat

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is Day 4 of One For the Boys ~ Boredom Busters.  
We have Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts here today. Mandy  is one uber talented momma.  She is super creative and has a TON of fabulous projects on her blog {one of my daily reads}.  Please welcome Mandy!

Dragonfly Designs

Hi Everyone!!  What a great idea for a series - One For the Boys - I love it!  I am Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts

Sugar Bee Crafts: sewing, recipes, crafts, photo tips, and more!

I have 4 kiddos and love to craft and blog (obviously!) - - I feel like if I can do something, then you can too!!
Today I'm showing off my Simple Car Mat (you can find even more pictures at that link...didn't want to bombard you here) -
 I came across this fabric on clearance at my local quilt shop and thought why make the car mat when I can just use this!  And so it did - waaay simple and easy.  I'm not sure what the fabric is called, but it's Michael Miller.  And it's perfect - it has houses, a school, airport, gas station, the works.

Here's a quick how to make a car mat using fabric.

First up, the pocket:  Cut 2 sqaures.  Sew a piece of velcro on to the square that will be the inside of the pocket.
Then with right sides together sew around the top and 2 sides (you don't need to sew the bottom) and turn it right-side out.  I then top-stitched the top edge to make it look nice.
Find out where on the mat you'd like the pocket.  Sew a piece of velcro on that will match the placement of the velcro on the pocket.
Then put the pocket on and sew the sides.  Don't sew the top or you won't be able to open it.  You don't need to sew the bottom because that edge will be sewed when you add the backing fabric.
Pocket is done.  Now just add the backing fabric.  I picked something kind of stiff, but I'm sure anything will work.  Cut it the size of the road fabric and put them right sides together.  For handles I used bias tape becaue I had it laying around.  MISTAKE WARNING:  do not put your handles like the picture shows - the handle part should be IN and the two ends poking out of the seams.  Because right now it's inside out.  I sewed it like shown - oops! - and had to seam rip and redo.  I also put a loop of elastic thread on one side.
Then just turn it right side out.  I topstitched all the way around after turning it so that it would close my turning hole and reinforce the handles.
You're done - I love simple projects!
  Do you have micro-machines sitting around??  They are the PERFECT size.  --just remember, micro-machines are probably a 3 years and older type of toy, so watch your toddlers when they play with them--

And they all fit snuggly and easily into the pocket parking.  (I thought about making each car a compartment, but this was easier, for me sewing it and for playing with it)

Oh, I forgot to tell you I sewed on a button - that's what the loop of elastic thread was for - to hold it shut when it was folded and ready to be transported:
He loves driving on it...

Thanks for having me!  Check out my blog for more fabulous boys projects, like:

Thanks Mandy!  Be sure to swing by Sugar Bee Crafts and give Mandy some love!  And come back tomorrow for more Boredom Busters ~ Blanket Fort style.

xo Heather

20 Boredom Busters For Boys

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It is Day 3 of One For the Boys ~ Boredom Busters.  
We have gotten creative with some fun projects and guest posts intended to keep our boys busy during the cold winter months!  Be sure to follow along!

Dragonfly Designs

Today I've rounded up some of my favorite activities to do with boys.  Please add your ideas in the comments section ~ I would love to share them on Facebook.

Keep them busy with cardboard boxes, egg cartons and milk containers.
2.  Paper Airplanes
My boys have been thrilled to color a piece of paper and have us fold it into a paper airplane for them.  
Have older children fold their own and see which flies better.
Have children sort them by color, letter or shape.  Practice spelling their name.
Match lower and upper case letters.  Practice the alphabet.  Play Go Fish.
5.  Crazy Forts 
Use this fun fort building system to create igloos and rocket ships with just a sheet.  I scored mine at a Thrift Store for $7.99.
6.  Movie Night In from Homemaking Fun
We often have popcorn and movie marathon nights.
Build a tent in the living room, roast smores over a candle and gaze at the stars.
8.  Blanket Fort from Capital B
Use what you have {tables, chairs, blankets} to build blanket forts.
Create a fun space to encourage quiet reading and imaginative play.
Have them duke it out with these soft and not so dangerous swords.
11.  Angry Birds Bowling from 733
Get creative with some cans or bottles and a ball.
Apply painters tape to everything in the house and have the boys drive around.

Cook with them.  Get messy.
Create a fabric marble maze to build fine motor skills.
15.  Hot Wheels Wall Tracks
My guys LOVE this system!  It keeps them busy for hours and it doesn't take up floor space.
16.  Cheerio Bird Feeders
Build bird feeders to hang outside then "spy" on the birds from inside.
Create an indoor scavenger hunt.  Use photos for younger children.
18.  Marble Maze
This is another toy that my boys love.  Found at a Thrift Store for $5.99.
19.  Card and Board Games
Introduce a family game night.  Make it more frequent during the winter.  I Spy are simple, portable card games that my kids enjoy.
Set up an art day.  Start with Puffy Paint bunnies!

What are some of the things that you do to keep your guys busy?

Linking to these parties.

xo Heather