The Anywhere Shorts ~ a tutorial

Monday, April 30, 2012

shortstitleI love these shorts!!!!  Because truly, they can be worn anywhere!
They are preppy enough for preschool and comfy enough for constant motion. April 2012 465From the skate park to the sand box these are your new go-to shorts!  My kids have been wearing them anywhere and everywhere!  Here's what you'll need...

1 meter of fabric {closer to 1/2 meter depending on size}
1/4 inch to 1/2 inch elastic {cut to the length of your child's waist}
A pair of shorts that currently fit
Dana also has a ton of little boy pants and shorts tutorials.  She has the most detailed instructions with gorgeous photos too!  Be sure to check them out.

Okay ready to make your own Anywhere Shorts?
April 2012 370Start by tracing one leg of your current shorts onto craft paper.  Don't forget to trace right to the inseam and add at least 1/4 inch all the way around for seam allowances.  I added 1 inch to the bottom of my shorts pattern to allow for folding and sewing the hem on each leg.  I also added 2 inches to the top of my pattern for folding, sewing and creating a pocket for my elastic waistband.
April 2012 371Cut out your pattern pieces.  Here is my pattern sketched out onto craft paper.  I have also traced the pocket pattern from MADE.
April 2012 372 Cut out your materials using the pattern that you've created.
April 2012 373 You will need two pocket pieces and two leg pieces.  They should look something like the above photo.April 2012 377Now serge or zig zag stitch all of your raw edges.  A Serger is on the top of my Wish List for sure!
April 2012 375Cut or snip little slits into the corners of your pockets.  This will help to create smooth, even curves. April 2012 378Fold and press all of the pocket edges. April 2012 379Use a 1/4 inch fold all of the way around the pockets. April 2012 381Top stitch the opening of the pockets using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. April 2012 385Pin the pockets to the front of the short pieces.  When the leg of the shorts is folded in half, the bottom edge of the pocket should line up with the outside fold.  The pockets should also be about 2 inches from the top of your shorts to allow room for the waistband. April 2012 387Sew the pockets to each leg using a 1/8 inch seam allowance.  On a side note ~ I started to lose natural light and turned on the light in my dining room at this point.  What a difference in picture quality hey?  I'm so glad that the days are getting longer.  Hooray for sunshine! April 2012 389Now lets work on building our shorts.  Fold each leg of your shorts so that right sides are facing.  Next, sew each leg of your shorts together.  You are sewing from the pointy part of your fabric, down, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. April 2012 390After you have sewn each leg, invert one so that the right sides are facing out.  Now tuck that leg into the other so that right sides are together. April 2012 395Pin the two legs together. April 2012 397Sew legs together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Be sure that the leg seams meet and line up. April 2012 402 Iron and press all seams flat.
April 2012 406Fold the top of the shorts down about 5/8 inch and iron. April 2012 407Fold the bottom of each leg up about 1 inch and iron flat. April 2012 412 Sew a hem into each leg using a 7/8 inch seam allowance. April 2012 409Sew a pocket into the top seam of your shorts using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Leave a 1/2 inch space for inserting the elastic waistband. April 2012 413Insert the elastic {measured to be the same length as the child's waist}, sew the end of the elastic together and sew the waistband closed.  Trim off excess thread. April 2012 415 And there you have it!  Great shorts that can be worn anywhere! April 2012 431Like jumping outside of preschool... April 2012 439or running in the activity room... April 2012 441or while playing airplanes. April 2012 442How about out at the playground... April 2012 446while getting messy?! April 2012 459Currently "anywhere" is every. single. bike. park in a 40 kilometer radius.   April 2012 468Like this skate park... April 2012 471where our shorts prove their comfy capabilities. April 2012 475Or while clearly attached to our bikes.
April 2012 480I hope that you'll trying making a pair!  They truly are fabulous shorts to have anywhere.
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Feather Hair Extensions

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 2012 589 I've had a hankering for these Feather Hair extensions for a long time now.  
They seemed to be all the rage about a year ago.  So I went to a salon and looked over their limited selection.  After picking out some 'natural feathers' and paying forty dollars I was really disappointed.  I could hardly see the feathers and the micro bead really stood out in my fine hair.  Since then I have been on the hunt for feather extensions that I could DIY.
I was so happy to find Luxe Plumes on Etsy.  The hair extensions are gorgeous and cost under ten dollars for a whole bunch!!!  I've ordered two sets of five feather extensions and had enough feathers for me, my sis, my niece and the little miss {twice}.  I love Jenn's service too!  Very fast and friendly!
Here's how to apply them:
April 2012 561 Materials
Feathers {mine are from Luxe Plums but while looking around I found some feathers at our local fish and tackle shop too!}
Micro beads {again from Jenn at Luxe Plumes but I also found some metal crimping beads at Michaels that are not as big}
Needle nose pliers
April 2012 582
 Feed a small section of hair through a coordinating micro bead. April 2012 585Place the tips of the feathers in the micro bead.  Be sure to have it close to the scalp. April 2012 586Clamp the micro bead flat with the pliers. April 2012 588  Ta da!April 2012 600My niece got some too!!April 2012 601You can style them anyway you want too.  Laying flat to blend with your hair or flipped out for a sassy look.  They can even been curled or flat ironed!  
I have had my feather hair extensions in for a couple of months and love them.  Such a fun way to accessorize your hair!  I paired them with my upcycled shell earrings
Thanks for swinging by,
have an awesome day!!!!

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Crochet Slippers ~ Part Two

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crochet Slipper Pattern 
Today I have a quick Crochet Slipper Pattern for you.  As I detailed in this post, I'm on a mission to complete a few crochet projects for Christmas this year.  
J Hook
Worsted Yarn 
Yarn needle
ch ~ chain
ss ~ slip stitch
sc ~ single crochet
hdc ~ half double crochet
dc ~ double crochet
st ~ stitch
I have instructions for a wide foot with the pattern for a narrow foot in italics and a child's foot in bold.  You will have to try the slipper on to determine how long you want it to be.  Gauge and hook size are not super important for this project as the yarn will stretch as you wear the slippers.  When in doubt make a smaller slipper {as I have a pair that have stretched and keep slipping off}.  In the photo above I have a narrow pair of slippers on my wide feet. :)
Here we go:
April 2012 542 
Round 1 ~ ch 8 {ch 6 for child}, ss into the first ch, creating a circle
Round 2 ~ ch 1,  work 12 hdc into the circle {10 hdc / 8 hdc}, ss to join, turn
Round 3 ~ ch 1, work 2 hdc into each st around {24 hdc / 20 hdc / 16 hdc}, ss to join, turn
Round 4-6 ~ ch 2, dc into each stitch around, ss to join, turn
 April 2012 341 
You've created the toe of the slipper. April 2012 342 
Now to create the back.
Round 7 ~  ch 2, work dc into each stitch around minus 4 stitches {the opening for your foot}, ch 2, turn
Round 8-12 ~ dc into each st around, ch 2, turn {20 dc, 16 dc, 12 dc}
Continue in this manner until the slipper is the length that you want it.  For the boys {child size ten} I had six rounds after the toe piece.  For myself {women's size 8} I had eight rounds after the toe piece.
When you've completed your rounds to get the length you want, fold the back in half and sew the sides together using your yarn needle.  Sc around the opening of the slipper and you are done!
April 2012 539  
Fast right?
April 2012 348 
I hope that you find them as easy to make as I have!April 2012 346 
Isaiah requested a black pair. April 2012 350  April 2012 343 
Cameron wanted red but settled for blue after I ran out of red yarn.
April 2012 351 
Thanks for visiting!!!
Have fun crocheting!

xo Heather

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