One For The Boys ~ ROUND UP

Friday, November 30, 2012

Top to bottom, left to right.

Thank you all SO much for following along during
One For The Boys!

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Frog Stocking from Kenda @ Kenda's Crafts

Welcome to our last day of
One For The Boys ~ Holiday Edition

We are going out with a bang!  Kenda is here today to share a truly unique stocking that any frog lovin' boy is sure to love!  She is a talented sewer who always has fabulous boy sewing projects on the go.  Please say hi to Kenda...


Hi, I'm Kenda and I blog at Kenda's Crafts.  I am a mom of two boys; Little Man is 3-years-old, and Mini Man is 9-months-old.  I blog about quilts, toys, and clothes that I sew for my boys.  The latest obsession in our house is frogs. 

When Mini Man was born, Little Man called started calling him Baby Froggy, and he often pretends he is a frog.  I made the boys frog costumes for Halloween. 

This will be Mini Man's first Christmas and he needs a stocking.  What would be better than a frog-foot stocking?  Today I'll be sharing with you how to make a frog-foot stocking to hang on the mantle.
1.  Gather your supplies.  You will need:

  • Pattern (can be found here).  The pattern comes in 3 sections that need to be taped together.  The piece for the lining and the piece for the stocking are together on one pattern piece.  The lining does not need the toes and has a rounded end.
  • 1/2 yard fabric (stocking)
  • 1/2 yard fabric (lining)
  • scraps of batting (approximately 1/2 yard)
  • 10 inches of ribbon
  • fabric scrap for cuff 
  • 5 pom-poms
  • scraps of fiber-fill (not pictured)

2. Mark the cuff placement on both pieces of the stocking.  

3.  Line up cuff with placement line.  Stitch cuff to stocking using 1/4" seam.  Repeat with second side.

4. Press the cuff toward the top of the stocking and top-stitch.  Repeat with 2nd side.

5. Place stocking right-sides together, lining up the cuff.  Stitch around stocking using 1/4" seam allowance. 

6.  Get as close to the ends of the toes as you can and reinforce the point by back-stitching.

7. Clip between toes and trim the points of the toes.

8. Flip stocking right-side-out.  A chopstick, knitting needle, or pencil can be used on the toes.  If you can't get perfect points, don't worry.  We'll be adding pom-poms at the very end to cover it up.  Lightly stuff the toes with fiber-fill.

9. Place the lining right-sides-together sandwiched between the batting.

10.  Stitch around lining leaving an opening about 4 inches long for turning.  Use 1/4" seam allowance. Clip curves and trim seam to reduce bulk.  Do not turn.

11.  Baste ribbon loop to end of stocking.

12. Place the lining inside the stocking (right-sides-together) and pin, matching seams.  Stitch around the top.

13. Pull stocking through the opening in the lining.  Pin opening close and stitch. 

14. Top stitch around the top of the stocking.

15.  Stitch pom-poms on to ends of toes.  This will need to be done by hand.

16.  Admire your work

17.  Hang on stocking and wait for Santa.

Thanks for having me, Heather and I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Stop by Kenda's Crafts anytime to say hi!

Thanks Kenda!
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Superhero Hand Warmers

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Whenever I host a series like
One For The Boys
I like to take some of the fabulous ideas that have been shared and put them to use, try them out!
I loved Ashley's Star Wars Hand Warmers and thought that this would be the perfect thing to throw into the boys stockings this year.
 I used some of the superhero material that I created the boys Key Chains with. 
Filled with rice they are just the perfect thing for winter and cold little fingers!
IMG_4543  Be sure to check out Ashley's tutorial HERE.
Thanks for following along!
xo Heather
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Star Wars Hand Warmers from Ashley @ Cherished Bliss

Hey y'all!

Thanks for following our
One For The Boys ~ Holiday Edition

Today we have the uber talented Ashley sharing a wonderfully simple Star Wars project!  And if you scroll down you will find that she has also created a Travel Lego Box.  Okay, now I really have to get on that!  Please welcome Ashley...


Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be here for this fun series!
It really is hard to find fun things for boys, I'm not sure why, boys are so much fun! : )
Even if they are a little more work, hehe!

I'm Ashley, and I blog over at Cherished Bliss.
You will find all kinds of stuff there! I love crafting, sewing, decorating, and I share all that I do with you!
Right now I am doing a fun handmade Whimsical Christmas, I'd love for you to check that out!
But today I'm going to show you how to make some DIY Hand Warmers.
I have seen these all over pinterest. Mostly in heart shapes or fun bright girly colors like these from {V & Co} which are ADORABLE! ... but none for a little boy!
My son has to stand outside before school starts and well... we are from Texas, and this being in Wisconsin thing is quite the climate adjustment.
Although I love love love the cold, let's face it, hands still get cold right?
So I decided that since boys are a little rough around the edges, so should the item that is warming their hands ; )
So for this super duper easy tutorial, all you will need is:
- Some scrap fabric (any character/superhero)
- Sewing machine
- and some rice
1. Cut your fabric into little squares (2 for each hand warmer)
2. Sew around the edges, wrong sides together, leaving a small opening to fill with rice (I chose to use a fun little zig zag stitch)
3. Take some paper and roll it into a cone. Fill it with rice giving you enough room to sew it closed.
4. Sew your opening closed
What did I say... easiest thing EVER
If you don't want the raw edges, sew the fabric right sides together leaving a gap, then turn and fill with rice. Sew your gap closed.
So much fun right?!
My son LOVES these. He really uses them for bean bags, but we'll see how he feels when it gets really really cold outside! : )
Here a few other boy projects of mine you can find over on my blog
(just click the picture) - Travel Lego Box #lego #storage

Little Boy Fleece Scarf {with Secret Pockets} // via #scarf
If you enjoyed this today, I'd love for you to stop by some time, don't forget to grab a cup of coffee on your way ; )
I'm social so stop by and say hi sometime!
Have a fantastic day!
Thanks so much for having me Heather!!

Thanks Ashley!
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See you tomorrow for one last boy goodie.

xo Heather
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