Mother & Daughter Beanies

Monday, December 31, 2012

Do you crochet?

You may remember that I started crocheting less than a year ago.
I am officially addicted.

It's such a great hobby.
The supplies don't take over your craft room and you can take it anywhere.
I have a ton of crochet projects that I am going to share with you all month long!

Be sure to check out my Crochet Like a Ninja board for some of my inspiration ~ you can even find the videos that I used to learn how to crochet there.

Here are a few of the beanies that I had created as mother/daughter sets for a recent craft fair.

For the little girl beanies I started with a double crochet stitch to increase then used a shell stitch for the main body of the hat before finishing with a single crochet stitch.

For the adult beanies I used a back loop only crochet stitch throughout.  

I chose a Mosaic yarn {found at Walmart} that turned out to have a beautiful combination of colours.  The yarn was a bit tough to work with because it didn't always have a consistent thickness so some sections of the hats were slightly bulkier than others {probably only noticeable to me}.

Here they all are...

Hot Cocoa Bar

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hot Cocoa Bar (2)
Just weeks before Christmas I hosted a 
Crafty Christmas Open House 
in our home.  
It had two purposes.  ONE, get together with the girlfriends and have a play date with the kids and TWO, showcase all of the things that I had made for my very first CRAFT FAIR.

The craft part was kind of like a preview or sneak peek of what I had to offer at my craft fair.  You know, test it out on my friends first? **wink**

I was thrilled and surprised at how well received my craft fair goodies were.  
The girls were so encouraging and supportive of my crafting addiction!  Thanks girlies!!! xo

I have a post in the works for next month with all of my craft fair tips and experiences ~ complete with pricing suggestions {the hardest part for me}.

Hot Cocoa Bar (5)
After I cleaned the house and laid out my craft fair goods on our kitchen island, I thought that I should do something fun for the littles on our kitchen table.  I had covered our ottoman in the living room with craft paper and had containers of beads, bells and pipe cleaners for the kids to make a craft with.

So very last minute {I mean, truly the night before, while the kids were in bed and Darcy was at the gym} I threw together this Hot Cocoa Bar.  The fabulous printables are from Catch My Party {thanks for saving my butt girls} and totally complimented my colour scheme.

Hot Cocoa Bar (6)
A few plastic cups from some other event were found in one of my party bins.  So I used what red pom poms and beads I could find and hot glue gunned noses to each one.  Then I used brown and white striped pipe cleaners for antlers {because that's all that I could find in the house}.  And finally I drew on eyes with a sharpie because not a single googlie eye was to be found last minute.  

So cute though right?!?

Hot Cocoa Bar (7)
 Not having a chance to run to the store I used what toppings I could find.  Caramels, green sprinkles, mini candy canes and white chocolate chips.

Hot Cocoa Bar (8)
 Marshmallows are always on hand ~ Epic Indoor Campout anyone?

Hot Cocoa Bar (9)
 I pulled a frame down from a wall somewhere and added this printable {love}.

Hot Cocoa Bar (11)
 Pulled out some of the cookies from my Christmas Baking Exchange...

Hot Cocoa Bar (12)
 Added some festive straws {purchased just a week before from this lovely Canadian company}...

Hot Cocoa Bar (14)
 And finished with more candy canes and fabulous printables!

Hot Cocoa Bar (18)
For something whipped together as an afterthought, I think that this Hot Cocoa Bar turned out pretty cute!
I had found peppermint popcorn too, which was a hit.

To serve the cocoa {which I didn't realize, until the morning of the Open House, that we were completely out of ~ thank goodness for Darcy being home and running to the store} I placed hot chocolate mix into a large glass pitcher, filled only half way with hot water, stirred well then filled the remainder of the pitcher with milk.  This made the cocoa easy to pour and more like warm chocolate milk so that there was no risk of little ones possibly burning themselves with HOT water. 

Hot Cocoa Bar (3)
This would be a fun winter activity for the kids.  After sledding or for a preschool play date.  
I have brought out the supplies a few more times just for the fun of it and the kiddos love it.

xo Heather
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RAK Kids II and a very Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 22, 2012

We have really loved doing our Random Acts of Kindness this year.
While we were not able to complete each task, every day, we had some amazing experiences.

Here are a few of them...

I loved this one.
As a mom, running around with my kids at the mall isn't always my idea of a good time.
And I never have change for the kiddie rides... ever!

So we went to the mall one day, road on a few of the rides and each picked a ride to RAK.  
We simply taped change to the ride so that other kids could enjoy it too!

While at the mall we stopped for Timbits {doughnut holes} and hot chocolate at Tim Hortons.  
I have been in the habit of carrying around our Apple Cinnamon Ornaments for the boys to give to people that they meet on our travels.  
Every. single. person. in Tim Hortons got an ornament that day.  
It was so sweet to watch my little guys interact with everyone there {many of the patrons being elderly} and seeing them put smiles on their faces.

We are always sure to stop by the Salvation Army kettles and drop in all of our change.  
I really have to stock up on change in December.  The boys are always looking for kettles to put a donation into.

Our neighbor from up the street {with the fabulous Christmas light show} paid us a visit the other day.  Cameron says that he has "the best house ever!!!"  The gentleman must be a grandpa and he came by to say thank you for the card and cookies and to invite us over for a closer look of his display, any time.  How sweet!

We also created these great {easy} ornaments for preschool friends and teacher.  The boys loved handing out these little gifts to everyone!

I am taking this week off to spend with friends and family.  
Be sure to come back next Friday for a 
Hot Cocoa Party!!!

Thank you all so much for reading my little blog and making it so much fun to write!

Merry, merry Christmas!!!

xo Heather
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Sour Cream Container Advent

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (18)
Whenever I am looking for a cute container or fun accent for a party I know just what to make.  These sour cream containers are just the perfect thing!
{You may have seen this post on the CSI Project last week}.

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (11)
They can be created using your choice of patterned paper, to coordinate with your color scheme or theme.
They are very simple to make and can be filled with all sorts of goodies!

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (10)

My family is using this Upcycled Random Acts of Kindness Calendar again this year.  
So while you may choose to number and string these sour cream containers together, they would also make great Place Settings for your Christmas table or gathering.

That is what I plan on doing with them ~ you can see that I have even added our guests initials to each one.

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (5)
You will need:
double sided tape {I found mine at the dollar store}
sheets of patterned paper {cut to 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches}
paper crimper {optional}

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (4)
Place double sided tape {as pictured} on the wrong side of your paper.  One piece of tape {4 1/4"} along the shorter edge, one piece of tape {2 1/2 "} in the center of the top longer edge and one piece of tape {2 1/2"} adjacent to the first piece of tape on the bottom longer edge.
Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (6)
Peel off the backing to the 4 1/4" piece of tape and affix the shorter sides together, creating a cylinder shape. 
Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (7)
Peel one of the 2 1/2" pieces of tape from the inside of the cylinder.  Squash the edges together.  Fill the open container with a treat of your choice.  Peel the backing off of the last piece of tape.  Squash that end together.
Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (8)
Our completed container.
Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (9)
You may want to crimp the ends of the container.  This helps the ends to adhere and stick together.

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (15)
   Decorate as desired.

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (1)
 I used bakers twine, snowflakes and rub on letters.

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (20)
Create 12 or 24 and number them.  String together with bakers twine and you have a simply gorgeous Sour Cream Container Advent.

Sour Cream Container Advent Place Setting (17)
Here are a few other examples of sour cream containers for:  Valentines, an anniversary and a Mad Hatter Tea.

xo Heather
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Melting Snowman Ornament

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Melting Snowman Ornament (33)
I set up my very first table at a Christmas Craft Fair last weekend.  
Between hosting a Crafty Christmas Open House last week and the craft fair I would say that selling my crafty goodies was a big success.

While looking for craft ideas for the craft fair, things that I could make to sell, I stumbled upon this post by Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night.  Maggie was also gearing up for a craft fair and has many, many beautiful, rustic ideas!  I recommend a visit to her blog.  

Anyway I searched Michaels for clear glass ornaments and the sales lady said that they had been sold out for quite a while.  I didn't have time to really search around so I pinned the idea for next year.  Then last weekend {after my craft fair} I was wondering the isles of Walmart {without kids ~ one can only wonder without kids in tow otherwise it looks more like a dash through the isles} and totally stumbled upon some clear plastic ornaments {not where I thought they would be}.

Thrilled, I nabbed a whole bunch and set out to make some Melted Snowmen Ornaments with the boys for their preschool friends and teacher.

Melting Snowman Ornament (9)
Are they not just darling?

Melting Snowman Ornament (16)
Clear ornaments {glass or plastic} I love that we found the plastic ones because they are safe and super durable for preshoolers.
Salt for snow {or clear glitter}
Orange polymer clay for noses {or card stock or fun foam cut into triangles}
Black polymer clay for eyes and mouths {or peppercorns or pom poms}
Brown polymer clay for arms {or sticks or pipe cleaners}
Ribbon for scarves {or fabric}
Extra ribbon or jute for hanging the ornaments

Melting Snowman Ornament (11)

 Use a pea sized piece of orange polymer clay to form each nose.

Melting Snowman Ornament (13)
Use a pea sized piece of brown polymer clay to form each arm.
Roll many, many, small black polymer clay circles for eyes and mouths.

Bake as directed on the package.  Usually 30 minutes at 275°.

Melting Snowman Ornament (19)
Fill the ornament with 2-3 Tbsp of regular table salt.  
Here I had set up a filling station for the boys to create their own snowmen.

Older children could make their own features out of polymer clay and fill the ornament with salt themselves.  I didn't want to take my chances with twin five year old boys.  Assembly line fashion works best for them.  And even after instruction some of our snowmen had three noses and ten eyes! ;)

Melting Snowman Ornament (21)
 Our noses, arms and scarves.

Melting Snowman Ornament (24)
The boys love, love, loved creating these!!  
Really.  Loved it!
I am thinking that these could be a yearly tradition ~ child labour for my craft fair??!?  Score!

Melting Snowman Ornament (4)

 All filled.

Melting Snowman Ornament (8)

 And tied with jute and ribbon.

Melting Snowman Ornament (39)
A melting snowman with arms.

Melting Snowman Ornament (2)
A melting snowman with a scarf.

Truly anyone can do this craft!  Try it with the kids ~ they are sure to love it too!
xo Heather
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