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Thursday, February 28, 2013


In just a matter of days Randi from Dukes and Duchesses has met and surpassed the number of followers that Dragonfly Designs has.  See...

Unless we can pull a rabbit out of the hat in the next few hours I will be eating some serious crow.
And throwing an Epic GIVEAWAY on Randi's blog... which could be fun.
I guess.

But crow probably doesn't taste very good so be a pal and click on that "join this site" button if you don't mind.  Only three and a half hours left peeps!!!!

And don't forget to get in on my Easter Ya Ya GIVEAWAY on Facebook!  The draw is tomorrow at noon.  Good luck!!!

xo Heather
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Crochet Purse

 My crocheting has been put on hold for the past few weeks as I madly sew and stuff Ya Yas for Easter.  {love, love, love them btw}

So I made myself this Crochet Purse before the Ya Ya craziness began.

It is essentially a giant hat or beanie that is made using crochet in the round.


I used thick, chunky yarn and a large hook.

 And rather than a long strap {like my market bags}, I created handles.

Inspiring Creativity

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome to Inspiring Creativity!! 
Thank you for sharing your creativity with us each week.

Our Follower Throw Down is coming down to the wire!  We have until Friday to win an awesome GIVEAWAY from Randi at Dukes and Duchesses.  Please click on the "join this site" button, if you haven't already!  Thanks peeps.

Have you popped over to Facebook for your chance to win this Easter Ya Ya?  
A winner will be drawn March 1st.  
Go now! Quick!  Then come back and link up k?!?!
Good luck.

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Crochet Bracelets

My super talented mom has been making crochet bracelets!
She doesn't follow a pattern, just experiments until she finds a stitch combination that she likes.

The one pictured above is my favorite.  
I had Isaiah try it on to model for me and he said "thank you Mommy! I love it!!"  I had to tell him that it wasn't for him.  So sad. Nana now has a special request for a black superhero bracelet for our accessory loving boy.

 Here's a ruffly one for the little girls.


Mom found some really great buttons to showcase on her bracelets.  She might just have a bit of a button addiction.  *wink*

I love this design.  Would anyone be interested in the pattern?  I can ask mom if she would whip one up :)

xo Heather
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Rustic Burlap Rosette Wreath Tutorial

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.
Overcome with thankfulness.
And so incredibly grateful.

I have the privilege of teaching what I love.  
My life has lead me in different directions and taken many twists and turns but I have to say that I am pretty happy just where I am at.  How often do we get to say that?! 

Today is our last Pinspired Project class.  You can read more about the class here.  And if you are local you can check out all of the courses that I teach here.  Registration for spring classes begins next week.

Just a few weeks ago we created our very own Rustic Burlap Rosette Wreath inspired by this pin.
I think that this was my favorite project from the entire class.  It is such a classic wreath that can be used almost any time of year.

 There was no tutorial attached to this pin so I have created one for you!  Here's what you need to make your own rustic wreath:

1 grape vine wreath {this one is from Michaels for $4.99}
4-6 strips of burlap 1" by 24"+ {the longer the strip of fabric, the bigger the flower}
4-6 strips of linen 1" by 24"+
Jute twine
Pearl beads
Hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks

6 Crafts To Try

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Check out these fun crafts that were linked up to our
this week!

I hope to bring back feature fridays {on Saturday lol} and showcase more of YOUR projects and talent.
Thank you so much for following along.

6 Carfts to try
{left to right, top to bottom}
Onesie Bouquet from Eco-Friendly Emily, Peanut Butter and Jelly Game from Family Home and Life, Half Ribbed Ear Warmer from Try to Keep Up, Felted Wool Slug from Spittin Toad, Slinky Bracelet from Tousled Day, You Are My Sunshine Top from Sewing the Littleheart Collection.

Thanks for linking up ladies!
Please grab a button :)

xo Heather
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The evolution of a monster doll…

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making memories for my kids is one of the biggest reasons that I create.
A few months ago Isaiah asked me to make him a new monster doll.  I love when the boys ask me to make something special for them ~ I am a momma that is up for the challenge.

I went through a long process of sketching and creating softies by trial and error before I came up with a design that I absolutely loved.  

The jumping off point for me was one of my most popular posts from the past,
this Monster Doll Tutorial.  
And these dolls that I have created for friends and family since I was fifteen.

Dolls pictured: 2009, 2010 and today.
I was inspired by Oscars face found here and some of the great softies that I have pinned here.

In my mind I had a list of features that I wanted to include on these dolls:  a large circle eye, a front pocket {because my kids LOVE pockets} and a scrappy look {so that I could use up some of my cotton scraps of fabric}.  
I had a few doll options too.  A bunny? Or a zombie?  The requested monster?

I have at least half a dozen pages of softie sketches... so fun!

Then I went into production...

Inspiring Creativity

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome to Inspiring Creativity!! 
Thank you for sharing your creativity with us each week.

You know about our friendly competition right?!  I challenged Randi at Dukes and Duchesses to a 
Follower Throw Down last week ~  whoever has the most followers by March 1st hosts an epic GIVEAWAY from the loser!

Ack!!! Randi is starting to catch up my friends!  
And who wants a fabulous giveaway?!?!

We DO!!!


If you are not a follower already please click that little "join this site" button...

Until next time, let's party!!

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