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Hey everyone!
I’m not so sure that I like having my wrinkles blown up XL.  Do you know how hard it is to take your own photo with a Canon Rebel??!  Anyway, hi, today I’m answering some FAQs….

Numero uno.  “Where do you find the time {to craft/blog}?”
“I don’t…find time.  I make the time.  It’s important to me to have a creative outlet and I absolutely LOVE sharing ideas and teaching new techniques.  My short answer is ~ my kids are in bed early and I don’t watch TV {Survivor being the exception.  Go Cochran!}”
Deux.  “Do you sell your cupcakes or facilitate birthday parties?”
“No. I’m more about teaching YOU how to create your own or inspiring you to try something new.  I share ideas and projects.  My short answer is ~ No. I would charge too much. :D”
Number three.  “Did you make that?”
“When in doubt, the answer is always yes.”
4.  “Where do you come up with your ideas?”
“There are so many great resources online.  I love Pinterest and am mildly addicted.  My fellow bloggers are a wonderful source of inspiration.  When I am looking for a project that is truly unique I try to fill a need for our family.  Kid Car Caddies for example.”
Five.  “What is your number one tool or piece of equipment?”
“My Canon Rebel T3.  Honestly the best camera ever.  Don’t leave home without it!”
 Oh.. the boys are up from their nap!  Chat later…

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