Bike Bracelet Tutorial

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I originally shared this tutorial over at Kim’s blog 733.
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Bike Bracelet Tutorial.

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My guys love to accessorize.  On any given day you may see Isaiah wearing a bow tie, cool cuff, arm band and hat all at the same time.  He likes to “layer” his embellishments!  So I decided to combine a love of biking with a love of accessorizing with these bike bracelets.  Here’s how you can create your own…

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Gather the following supplies:
leather, hemp or nylon cording {at least 12 inches}
bike charm
2 folding end fasteners
2 jump rings
1 lobster clasp
small pliers

Most of these things can be found at Michaels.  Be sure to use a 50% off coupon *wink*.  

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Cut two pieces of leather about 5 inches long.

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (4)

Wrap them around each wheel of the bike charm.

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (5)

Fasten the ends with the folding end fastener.  Place the ends of the leather in the fastener and crimp it closed with the pliers.

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (6)

Attach a jump ring to each end of the bracelet.

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (7)

Finally attach the lobster clasp to one end of the bracelet.

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (8)

And we are done!  Easy right?  
If you can’t find bikes, Michaels had a wide variety of other charms that this technique would work with.  Arrows, leaves, the tree of life, owls… the possibilities are endless!

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (9)

These have also been selling like hot cakes at our booth that we have at the local farmers market.  Find me on Facebook to order your own!

Bike Bracelet Tutorial (10)

Man, I love fun fashion for boys!

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