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My love of blogging began back in early 2009. 
Soon I will celebrate four years of inspiring creativity and sharing projects. 
I was introduced to blogging through a direct sales company called Close To My Heart. 
Originally I posted strictly about scrapbooking and cardmaking, showcasing the products that I was selling. 
I quickly realized that I had so much more to share!
Dragonfly Designs has evolved from simple paper craft posts once a week to sharing craft projects, recipes, tutorials and keeping it real on a daily basis. 
Here’s a look back…

Header design in 2009.  I used a photograph of a dragonfly that I edited using Picnik.
I had Kim from 733 design a more professional header {and blog layout} in 2010/2011. 
I can’t seem to find a copy of the header but it was similar to the button below.

Header design from 2011/2012.  I absolutely loved this header {and still do}.  The professional look just didn’t feel like me.  I painted this one using watercolour paints that I hadn’t touched in years. 
Then I scanned the image and edited with Picnik.

Header design 2012+.  As my blog grows I feel that it is important that I have a professional look that potential partners and contributors can take seriously.  This header was designed using PicMonkey.
I took a long look at making the switch to WordPress and after some investigation decided that it wasn’t for me at this time.  There are some great widgets that now give blogger a more professional look.  I have utilized some of these to make minor changes to the placement of the date on posts, adding a comment bubble and recents posts widget to my blog.
Button 2009.

Button 2010/2011.  Designed by Kim at 733.

Button 2011.
Button 2012.

Button 2012+.
How has your blog evolved?  I would love to read the story.


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