Bucket Hat Tutorial

Last week I helped to kick off Angie’s
Beach Bash with this
Bucket Hat Tutorial.
Now I get to share it with all of you!
Bucket hats tend to grow legs and go missing around our house.  So in an effort to curb our bucket hat spending I have started to create my own.  You can find my uber simplified pattern {really more of a sketched guideline that I took from one of our existing hats} here or another great pattern here.  Ready?
1.  Cut out pattern pieces. 
2.  Pin the two side pieces together, right sides facing.
3.  Sew the pieces together along the ends using a half inch seam allowance.
4.  Cut into the curved top of your sides about 1/4″ down
and 1/2″ apart.
5.  Pin the top of your hat to the sides, right sides together.
6.  Sew the top to the sides.
This is where you are at so far.
7.  Now pin your brim pieces, right sides facing. 
Sew them together at the ends.

8.  Cut along the smaller curve of your brim 1/2″ apart and 1/4″ down.
9.  Pin the right side of your brim to the right side of your side and sew together.
Here’s where you are at.  You could finish the edges with bias tape or repeat steps 1-9 to create a reversible hat.
For a reversible hat you would sew the hats together, right sides facing, leaving a 3″ gap.  Then pull the hat right side out.
Close the gap with a whip stitch or straight stitch and VOILA you’re done! 
I have made three or four hats now and this last one took me an hour to complete {including photo shoot}.  Not too shabby!

Cute eh? 

Isaiah was super cute during this photo shoot.  He usually doesn’t like for me to take his picture so this was a treat.
Thanks for following along!
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