Conkle Lake Provincial Park ~ Campsite Review

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We took off to Conkle Lake Provincial Park a few weeks ago with a group of friends.  There were thirteen boys between all of us and we had an absolute blast.  

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Conkle Lake is beyond gorgeous!  This is a very rustic campground with outhouses, large level sites, boat access, a beach and fresh water access {with a boil water advisory}.  It was our first time “dry” camping with the trailer so we were able to figure out how all of that worked.  My friend asked “dry camping?! As in no alcohol or as in no water??”  hee hee “Dry Camping” just refers to having no hook ups like water or electricity while camping with the RV.  
We loved this trip.  There were a ton of things for the kids to do, very few mosquitoes and good company.  However the road into the park nearly killed us… seriously.  And the Park Manager said that it was a highway compared to years previous.  We took the 24km dirt forest service road into the park from Highway 3 near Rock Creek {if you take the road in from Highway 33 be sure to have your will updated first.  It’s craaazy!! But might save a serious 4×4’r ten minutes of drive time *wink*}  We actually commented on how good the road was {no washboard or large holes} until we hit the last 1km.  Then the road narrowed with a few sections that had cliffs on both sides.  We rounded our final corner to come upon a VERY steep, sloped, windy hill.  And I mean STEEP… with no run at it, no momentum.  Darcy floored the Pathfinder, towing our new trailer and we both prayed.  It was the longest two minutes of my summer.  When we finally reached the top we both started breathing again and laughing hysterically like we had just come off of a roller coaster.  The lesson in this?  Maybe don’t pull a new travel trailer to Conkle or… have something with more towing capacity than our Pathfinder.  Anyway the 24 km dirt road took us about 45 minutes and we were home free.

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Frog/fish/bug catching was a daily occurrence.

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Beautiful hiking trails and water falls.

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I loved that ALL of the boys bonded and explored the great outdoors ALL weekend long.  This was one of those camping trips that they will remember forever because they were allowed to play in the dry creek bed beside our camp site building forts and making plans and playing games.  It was epic.

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Do you have any favorite camping spots in British Columbia?  
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  1. Tamara says

    What year did you travel to Conkle Lake?
    We are planning to go in a few weeks- just trying to get my nerve up for towing our small Boler Trailer
    Great Blog- I’m a new fan


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