Crochet Easter Eggs

Well I’m back to crocheting!  It truly is addicting.  I love this craft that you can take with you anywhere.  We’ve got a 16 hour {round} trip to visit family for Easter and I have some really fun crochet projects planned for while we are on the road.  Check out my Crochet Like A Ninja board on Pinterest for some of my inspiration.
 I made these three little Easter Eggs for our three kiddos.
I followed this awesome pattern from Tara at Easy Makes Me Happy.  It was really easy to follow and gave the egg a nice oblong shape {instead of being a round ball}.  I’ve ordered a slipper pattern from her as well that I can’t wait to try.
This yarn is a Mega Brushed acrylic that is super soft!  I ordered  a bunch of yarn from Herrschners for a really good price.  Any tips for where to buy yarn from?  With shipping to Canada?
And every time I go Thrift Store shopping I look for egg cups for the kids.  This is the first one that I’ve found and it was only .25 cents!  Score!  
  Thanks for stopping by!
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