Distressed Metal @ Symbol Wall Art

Distressed Metal Symbol Wall Art

Hello, hello my friends!  Today is all about this fabulous piece of distressed metal wall art.  This little “at” symbol was the most troubling part of our recent Gallery Wall completion.  I found it on clearance from Homesense in a dark/navy blue color and knew that it was too good to pass up!  Here is the story of transformation…

Distressed Metal @ Symbol

I love that this piece is metal and has a lot of depth because it adds all sorts of dimension to our gallery wall!

Distressed Metal @ Symbol

By the time that we got to a color that we loved this symbol had a lot of layers of paint!  It went from dark blue to orange (we have a red/orange painting on the opposite wall) then from orange to black chalkboard.  I love chalkboard!  But the look was too dark for our space.  Then it went from black to turquoise!  Finally, after the turquoise paint dried, I sanded the entire piece to reveal the various layers of paint, right down to the metal.

Distressed Metal @ Symbol

I love the final look!  It really ties into the rest of our space and all of the other turquoise accents in our home.

Distressed Metal @ Symbol

Have you ever had to paint something this many times?  Tell me that I am not the only one….

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