DIY No-Slip Socks

Something keeps eating the socks at our house.  The dryer, the toy bins, the giant man-eating spiders under the stairs?  Take your pick.  My kids needed new socks.  And may I just say that it is impossible to find boy socks on sale ~ especially compared to the oodles of marked down girls stuff!!? Ha. Anyway these were super fun and easy to create.  I’m pretty sure that Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar did something like this awhile back {she always comes up with the best stuff}.
You’ll need some clean socks, puffy fabric paint and a bottle of glue.
TIP:  pull the sock over the bottle to create a flat surface to paint on. 
The Lightening McQueen fan was pretty pumped about these ones.  Now he wants me to crochet him a Lightening McQueen hat.  He keeps slipping red yarn into our shopping cart.  Dude, I just learned to crochet a week ago!  lol 
Super fun and easy right?!
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  1. shirley says

    I have been just using a marker to dot my boys’ socks, but I love this idea!! I hate,hate, hate folding boys socks and trying to figure out which belongs to each. This way they could match it themselves and think it was fun! Thanks for the inspiration!


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