Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

One of my preschool moms asked me if I had any Easter Egg Hunt ideas.

Honestly I really hadn’t thought about Easter this year.  I suppose I would have just thrown a bunch of eggs about the yard for the boys to find.  Last year we celebrated with a Mad Hatter Tea Party and the year before the boys were too small to do much. 

After thinking about it I had one of those “doh” moments.  Why not do a photo scavenger hunt?  I had used these before; for the children at the Boys and Girls Club during Spring Break and as a Rec Activity during the Easter Seals 24Hr Relay.

Essentially you take a number of photographs and participants have to identify what the item is and where it is.  In the past I have used up to 24 photos on a page.  This can be made perfect for preschool aged children.  Simply take pictures of easily recognizable objects {where you have hidden Easter Treats} and have them find them.  You could make the hiding spots or photos more difficult for older children or adults.

Here are a few examples:
{my niece and nephew (6 and 9) will be able to help the younger children}

It’s a good idea to be prepared with some indoor hiding spots ~ for a rainy day.

Here are some fun outdoor hiding spots.

For our Scavenger Hunt this year the children will find a sticker book at Location 1.  As they search for all of the hiding spots they will find stickers hidden inside of each egg.  Eggs will be colour coded per child ie. Isaiah gets green, Cameron gets blue.  The last location will have thier basket from the Easter Bunny. 
Fun hey?

Thanks for reading! 
Do you have something special planned for Easter?
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