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We have an absolute love for geocaching.  We don’t get out as often as I would like to but when we do it is a ton of fun!  Geocaching is basically a high-tech treasure hunt that can be done with the whole family.  Learn more about geocaching by checking out my previous posts.

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We went out last month and found eight caches in one day!  That was a new record for us.  It was the perfect day for caching, a bit overcast and not too hot for a hike.

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We found some pretty cool caches too!  
This one was hidden in a hollowed out log.

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The boys are the perfect age for hiking.  They are like little sponges and ask questions about everything on our hikes.  I love it because it brings me back to my days as a park interpreter when I got to share my love of nature with large groups of school children.

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This is one of the most unique geocaches that I have found.  Yes, there is a cache there. ha ha

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See?  You are supposed to “blow” into the tube and the cache would pop out of the top.

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No one in our group was brave enough to try it though. lol

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This little mouse was hiding another cache.

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And we came across a bunch of friendly cows {and a deer} on our adventure.  Fun right?!?  If you haven’t tried geocaching yet I hope that I have inspired you to head out into the great outdoors and give it a go.  Check out to get started.
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  1. Jodi Harms says

    Awesome! We LOVE geocaching with our three boys too. It’s fun to get out and be in the outdoors as a family and be able to do something of exercise that the kids also.fin fun! I love it when we find the cache and how exciting it is for everyone.

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