Short Curly Hair Stylin’

So I was inspired by Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar to play around with my style a bit.  
See my hair inspiration and bangs post from earlier this week.

I decided to put a little more effort into my “date night look” by giving my normally 
poker straight hair a few curls.
I posted this after photo on facebook and got so many lovely comments!  It was sweet.  One of my friends messaged me and asked if I had lost weight even.  That’s it!  I’m curly my hair EVERY day!!! lol
Anyway it’s a super fun, easy look for short hair.  Here’s the how to:
1. Pin up the top half of your hair.
2. Use a curling iron to create 4-5 ringlets on each side of your head.  A smaller barrel will give you tighter curls while a lager barrel will give you looser curls.
3.  Use hair spray to help keep the curl longer.  I actually spray my hair while it’s still on the iron, it seems to hold the curl better this way.
4. Unpin the top section of your hair and curl it just as you did the hair underneath.
5.  I curled about 7 sections on each side for the top portion.
6.  Finger comb and separate your curls a bit, hairspray and voila!
Messy curls and bangs.  
What do you think?

Are you interested in more short hair inspiration?  
Thanks for reading my blog. 

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