Turkey Block Place Setting

Turkey Block Place Setting

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  I am so excited to be spending more time with friends and family this weekend.  But first I have to share these adorable little Turkey Block Place Settings that I created for our kids.  I plan on setting the “kids table” with these turkeys holding a tag with each childs name.  I know that they will love them, let me show you how to make your own…



We start with these fun alphabet blocks painted brown.  It would be cool to use one with the first initial of each guest!

turkey block

Begin by cutting strips of red, orange, yellow and brown paper 2 3/4″ by 3/4″.  Fold each piece of paper in half lengthwise.


Cut a curve into both ends of the paper and snip along the edge to create a feather.


Cut a yellow triangle for a beak and a red thing-a-majig.  What is that gobble, gobble called anyway?


Cut a piece of wire to 7″.  Use a hot glue gun to glue the feathers and wire to the back of the turkey.


Finally glue the facial features to the front of the block and paint on eyes.

Turkey Place Setting

He is far too cute, no?!

Turkey Block Place Setting Tutorial

Do you go all out decorating for Thanksgiving or keep it low key?


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    Love it! We usually have 20-25 people for thanksgiving dinner. We decorate our tables with fall colored flower arrangements, pine cones, acorns, leaves, and candles. I totally love this idea – I think it would be great to get all the kids involved in making something for the thanksgiving tables.


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